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Understanding how local communities view and experience heat

Originally posted on SANDS:
Over the past week, Althea and I started our summer heat study. This project aims to understand how local communities experience heat, and how heat-related issues…

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screen print hello world

Originally posted on SANDS:
Apparently nobody wanted to go home after today’s Ikea marathon, so we set up some additional¬†lighting in the lab.¬†For example, thanks to Gino and Corey, this…

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Lab set-up day

Originally posted on SANDS:
So first of all, this crew is amazing!!! Unfortunately, I did not take any “before” pictures at the very beginning, probably because none of us could…

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so we’re apparently half way through this project now! Woo!

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Night of the Open Door

(Photo: Erik Peters, my boyfriend/the Knives Chau to our Sex Bomb-omb) AME asked LOrkAS to play their open house. Small orch. They asked us to turn it down and someone … Continue reading

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Choreography of Internal Time

On Friday 2/20/15, LOrkAS got the opportunity to work with¬†choreographer Teoma Naccarato and composer John MacCallum with their new research system that uses heartbeat info for the use of musical … Continue reading

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Fluid Dynamics: LIVE!

The first public performance/demonstration of Fluid Dynamics 2/21/15 at the Trunk Space as part of the Oh My God! My Body! My Ears! marathon concert, in all it’s unedited glory. … Continue reading

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